Thursday, November 14, 2013

Review: Too Faced Primed & Poreless Powder

The Too Faced Primed & Poreless Powder is something I always seem to go back to using.  I have tried other powders but none that have come close to this one.  It is marketed as a translucent powder that minimizes pores, fine lines, and imperfections for an airbrushed finish.

 I can say that this is the silkiest powder i have ever used, it makes your face super soft and smooth.  It is translucent and will adjust to any skin tone while drastically minimizing the appearance of pores. I don't notice that it minimizes fine lines but I also don't have that many on my face to begin with to notice a difference.  You can use this as an all over face powder or to set your under eye concealer.  I usually use this all over my face and it literally erases pores from my forehead and cheeks like magic.  I always apply it using my Real Techniques powder brush, which I love.  I was put off by this powder at first, worried that it would make me appear even more pale than I already am but it doesn't.  You don't have to use a large amount of this to set your makeup, as a little goes a long way.

The reason I have stuck with this powder as long as i have is not only because of the minimization of pores, its because of the oil absorbing power it has.  This controls my shine for 5+ hours until I even have to think about touching up, which is something I really look for in a powder to set my foundation with.  However, I can't say that this is my holy grail powder (still searching for one.)  I believe that there are a few downsides to this product..sadly.
  • One negative would be that as great as this powder is, I sometimes feel too powdery.
  • The second issue I have with it is the fact that it is a loose powder.  It is so easy to lose product with loose powders anything.
  • The third negative to mention is that most of the time when you open it, tap your brush in and apply, you feel as if you are inhaling particles of it.  
They do have this in a pressed powder now as well which I have not tried as I have heard it isn't nearly as good.  However, I would like to try the Too Faced Primed & Poreless Skin Smoothing face primer.  It has 1,330 reviews on Sephora and is rated with 4 1/2 stars.

l always end up reaching for this one as i can not find a powder that doesn't cake, controls oil, erases pores, and makes skin feel silky smooth.  Aside from the negatives I enjoy this product and will continue using it to set my foundation until I find a better replacement!

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